About ME

I am Jennifer Marilyn and I am behind the shutter at Marilyn Lou.  I started in photography over 6 years ago with my husband, award winning Los Angeles Wedding Photographer Michael Anthony.  He and I have photographed brides all over the world, and in doing so, I found my passion for making people feel beautiful.  

The intimate nature of boudoir photography allows me to connect with my clients and make them feel amazing every single day.  When we do shoots either on location or in the studio, I love allowing people to explore a side of them that they don't often get to see.  As we have adopted from our wedding business, our boudoir brand focuses on not only allowing our clients to have beautiful and amazing images of themselves, but also allows us to give our clients an experience that they will never forget. 

Our studio is located in Santa Clarita, California, and features a variety of sets, a full bar, and fun music to help unleash your inner goddess.  I have teamed up with an amazing hair and makeup team to give my clients a one of a kind model experience. 

I cannot wait to meet you and see what we will be able to create together!